Presentations of the foods and drinks consumed for 3 repast in 8 countries

| Sunday, August 18, 2013
We searched the foods, drinks and meals consumed for 3 repast in 8 countries and compiled them. In the intercultural extent, they teaches our adult learners something important about European citizenship and European dimension, health education, and culture of traditional cuisine. They were splendid because they were prepared by each contact person so it is so realistic, not artificial. For example; when an Austrian get up, what does he eat at breakfast, or what does a Italian eat at luch etc.

 However; we strongly believe that by the help of the presentation, our learners tried to learn foreign language (English) and started to be curious about other cultures. Locally we sent them to the organisations related to the topic and theme of the project.

You can downland it in the following link

Questionnaire Results


Reports on Food Habits

We applied a questionnaire about "Nutrition Habits Questionnaire" prepared by Italian Partner Organisation for our adult learners and the results look interesting. As a local mission, we sent this report to the necessary institutions as well.

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Project Calendar for 2014 year

Polish partner organisation created a calendar consisting the images of our important events in order to present and disseminate our project in every area.

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Manual of good practices

| Sunday, July 14, 2013
The manual of good practices is available for download.
It contains contributions from each project partner.

Please click on these links to download:
The cover (142kB)
The content (22.4 MB)

bike trip as part of the last partner meeting

| Thursday, July 11, 2013

An excellent idea of the Hungarian team to organize a group bike rental and to enjoy the perfectly labeled bike route from Balatonfüred to Tihany.
The extra tour up to the hill was not mandatory but I liked to see that many went there! Young and older, male and female, from different countries - sports connect people!

Anti-stress exercises: Isometrics

| Thursday, July 4, 2013
Mrs Martyna Wronka, MA, University of Economic presented an excellent overview about stress and tips for coping with stress.
My favorite part of it was a collection of exercises called "Isometrics".

Since I practice these exercises I feel much less "tension".

The March Against the Obesity in Turkey

| Thursday, June 20, 2013

In Turkey, on 23rd May 2013, as one of the effective mission in our Project, in order to spread out and promote the healthy life style on pupils and their families, we organized a march consisting of pupils ( from a primary school in the city center,Kırıkkale) with poster showing the motto as well “Do the sport, keep fit; No Smoking; Healthy life etc.” They enthusiasticly marched by showing their posters to the people walking in the street. After this remarkable march, we organized a seminar about healthy nutrition and obesity for their families in the Kırıkkale University conferance place.